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Germany, Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg.

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Carl-Friedrich Roewer was a German arachnologist (12 October 1881, Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg - 17 June 1963), responsible for numerous species descriptions and nomenclatorial acts. The most prolific author ever in the history of Opiliones, his works span a period from 1910 to 1963. Being so prolific, he could afford being repetitive, creating long series of unmemorable generic names. See the article Generic names by Roewer.

Notable contributionsEdit

Roewer created many family-group names still in use today such as Cranaidae, Manaosbiidae and Podoctidae. Among many other works, he published "Die Weberknechte der Erde" (1923) a manual containing all known species of harvestmen at the time, as well as several addenda.

Species list by sourceEdit

  • Roewer1911a: Note XX. Niederländisch-Indische Opiliones (Gagrellini) des Leidener Museums. Notes from the Leyden Museum, Leyden, 33, 249–260.
  • Roewer1911b: Opiliones aus Britisch Indien und Sarawak. Archiv für Naturgeschichte, Berlin, Abt. A, Original-Arbeiten, 77(2), 160-188.
  • Roewer1929d: Spolia Mentawiensia. Opiliones. Bulletin of the Raffles Museum, Singapore, 2, 134–136.

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