Kevonones mexicanus Banks 1898 from Goodnight 1946
Kevonones mexicanus (Banks, 1898) from Goodnight & Goodnight 1946 re-description.









Kevonones Chamberlin, 1925 is a small genus of the Neotropical family Cosmetidae, subfamily Cosmetinae with four species from diverse Amerian localities.

Synonymy Edit

Kevonones Chamberlin, 1925: 240; Roewer, 1927c: 612; Mello-Leitão, 1933c: 106; 1935b: 113; Caporiacco, 1951: 15; Roewer, 1957: 88 [revalidated]; González-Sponga, 1992: 260.

Etymology Edit

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Type species Edit

Kevonones mexicanus (Banks, 1898), originally by monotypy, transferred from Erginus mexicanus Banks, 1898.

Diagnosis Edit

Chamberlin, 1925 states (p.240). "Third and fourth legs stouter than those of the anterior pairs. Abdominal scutum wholly lacking paired tubercles or spines on any of its areas, the surface throughout covered with granules or small conical tubercles of uniform size. Free segments of abdomen with transverse series of small tubercles. Tarsus I composed of five articles. Ill and IV of six articles each." As the Bank's type specimens were deposited at MCZ where Chamberlin was later working, it is likely this generic definition was based on direct examination of Banks type specimens.

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Notes Edit

Several specimens tentatively identified as Kevonones from Mexico (Chiapas) and Honduras (Copan) are recently deposited in the MCZ from leaf litter surveys.


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