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Vladimír Šilhavý
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Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

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Šilhavý was a very important Czech author. He started by doing small regional faunistic papers, culminating in a big manual of Czech Opiliones. Then he turned to Asia and finally started to work on Neotropical Laniatores, especially from caves. His drawings were accurate and pleasant to the eye.

Notable contributions

Among many important notes, Šilhavý published a thorough manual of the Opiliones of Czechoslovakia [1], with a general introductory part. He also tackled the deeper division of Opiliones [2].
He also published a review of the European Oligolophinae and Phalangiinae [3],

Šilhavý was the first to recognize the family Agoristenidae [4] and the cave-dwelling Pachylospeleinae [5]. Among the many genera described by him may be cited:

European Eupnoi: Platybunoides Šilhavý, 1956; Rilaena Šilhavý, 1965.

Neotropical Laniatores - Meriosfera Šilhavý, 1973; Mexotroglinus Šilhavý, 1977; Troglostygnopsis Šilhavý, 1974.

He also described an alternative stridulatory apparatus in xxx.

External resources

OmniPaper Article on Šilhavý, with list of publications. [1]

Relevant references

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